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The City of Fort Worth and its partners spend more than $8 million every year on litter removal, litter prevention and enforcement activities.

In addition to being an eyesore, litter presents health and safety hazards in a variety of ways. Trash on the streets attracts rodents and mosquitoes. Broken bottles in parks can injure children and adults alike. Wind and weather move litter from the streets to our parks and waterways, while litter and illegal dumping devalue properties.

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Comprehensive Litter Management Plan

The city recognizes that it plays a key role in developing and implementing anti-litter programs and encouraging the public to reduce and prevent litter. To strengthen these efforts, the city has developed a comprehensive Litter Management Plan, which is one of the first in the country.

The plan reaffirms Fort Worth’s commitment to creating a clean and welcoming environment for everyone who visits, as well as who lives and works in the city.


The city’s litter programs address the behavior that leads to littering, as well as the problems created by litter, through the enforcement of anti-litter policies, litter prevention and litter removal.

Litter-Free Zones

Litter Summit

Speakers Bureau

Street Sweeping

Anti-Litter Vehicle Wraps


Keep Fort Worth Beautiful Logo

Keep Fort Worth Beautiful

As an affiliate of both Keep America Beautiful and Keep Texas Beautiful, Keep Fort Worth Beautiful (KFWB) hosts award-winning programs in the local community. KFWB sponsors two major citywide cleanup campaigns each year - the Cowtown Great American Cleanup and the Neighborhood Litter Stomp. Annually, more than 7,000 residents, school children and representatives from local businesses participate in these events.

Additionally, KFWB provides litter cleanup supplies throughout the year to any community organization, school group or local business that organizes a cleanup in Fort Worth.

Reverse Litter

Since 2014, the city has partnered with the Tarrant Regional Water District and other cities in North Texas on the Reverse Litter campaign and the "Ten on Tuesday" call to action. The campaign focuses on protecting the Trinity River watershed through grassroots and community outreach programs.

Don't Mess with Texas

This storied campaign, developed by the Texas Department of Transportation, fosters state pride and encourages everyone to keep litter off of Texas roads. If you see someone littering from their vehicle, you can report them through the Report a Litterer app or the Don't Mess with Texas website.

Pollution Hotline

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To report air or stormwater pollution by phone,
call: 817-392-1234

For emergency situations,
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