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TIF 12: East Berry Renaissance

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TIF 12 (East Berry Renaissance) was created to help fund public infrastructure improvements along the East Berry Street Corridor and promote redevelopment and growth throughout the area.

Date Created: July 18, 2006
End of Term: Dec. 31, 2027
Total Acreage: 604

Property Description: Generally bounded to the north by Glen Garden Drive, to the east by Highway 287, to the south by Riverside Drive east of Ripley Street and to the west by Interstate 35W. View a boundary map.

Projects: East Berry Corridor street, traffic, drainage, and other infrastructure improvements; public infrastructure associated with development (for example, Renaissance Square), other TIF eligible expenses such as environmental remediation (for example, in support of the Mens Collection project), administration.

Project and Financing Plan

Approved on June 19, 2007. Download the full plan.

Financial Information

Base Value $29,176,323
2015 Taxable Value $86,411,202
Percent Growth 196%
2015 City of Fort Worth Contribution $489,358

Level of Participation by Entity

City of Fort Worth 100%
Tarrant County Hospital District 80%
Tarrant County College 50%
Regional Water District 100%
Tarrant County 100%

Board Members

  • Chair: Kelly Allen Gray, City of Fort Worth
  • Dennis Shingleton, City of Fort Worth
  • Bob Smith, City of Fort Worth
  • Christopher Lewis, City of Fort Worth
  • Martha Toombs, City of Fort Worth
  • Pamela Corbett Murrin, City of Fort Worth
  • Wayne Carson, City of Fort Worth
  • Cathy Young Junior, Tarrant County
  • Linda Christie, Tarrant Regional Water District
  • Mark McClendon, Tarrant County College District
  • Scott Rule, Tarrant County Hospital District

For more information about TIFs, email TIF@fortworthtexas.gov.


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