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TIF 13: Woodhaven

  • Apartment
  • Park with Trees
  • breezeway at shopping center

TIF 13 (Woodhaven) was created to help fund public infrastructure improvements that will provide a ‘foundation for development’ to encourage and support the long-term public needs of the neighborhood and to secure mixed-use economic growth opportunities in the Woodhaven area.

Date Created: Nov. 27, 2007
End of Term: Dec. 31, 2028
Total Acreage: 1,100

Property Description: Generally bounded to the west by Willow Ridge Road, to the south by Interstate 30, the east by Loop 820, and to the north by the Trinity River. View a boundary map.

Projects: Possible future projects include corridor improvements through street, traffic, utility, drainage, and other public infrastructure projects; public infrastructure associated with property redevelopment; gateway enhancements, and administration.

Project and Financing Plan

Approved June 17, 2008. View the plan.

Financial Information

Base Value $181,846,751
2015 Taxable Value $209,584,095
Percent Growth 15%
2015 City of Fort Worth Contribution $237,048

Level of Participation by Entity

City of Fort Worth 100%
Tarrant County Hospital District 80%
Tarrant County College 50%
Regional Water District 100%
Tarrant County 80%

Board Members

  • Chair: Cary Moon, City of Fort Worth
  • Gyna Bivens, City of Fort Worth
  • Zach Burt, City of Fort Worth
  • Ken Devero, City of Fort Worth
  • Ken Newell, City of Fort Worth
  • Patrick E Winfield II, City of Fort Worth
  • Vernell Sturns, City of Fort Worth
  • Cathy Young Junior, Tarrant County
  • Linda Christie, Tarrant Regional Water District
  • Mark McClendon, Tarrant County College District
  • Scott Rule, Tarrant County Hospital District


TIF13 flier

For more information about TIFs, email TIF@fortworthtexas.gov.


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