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TIF 14: Trinity Lakes

  • Commercial Campus
  • Residential
  • Another residential

The Trinity Lakes TIF District will help finance public infrastructure improvements in the area, such as public improvements to arterials (Trinity Boulevard and Precinct Line Road), the Trinity Trails system, wayfinding signage, transit improvements, public parking facilities, land acquisition, and other TIF−eligible costs to help encourage redevelopment in the Trinity Lakes area.

Date Created: Nov. 12, 2012
End of Term: Dec. 31, 2032
Total Acreage: 1,800

Property Description: Generally bounded by the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) rail line to the north, the Trinity River to the south, Bell Spur Road to the east and Loop 820 to the west. View the boundary map.

Projects: The TIF Board has approved a project for design, engineering, utility relocation, storm drainage improvements, streetscape, and traffic signals related to Trinity Boulevard. Future possible project include similar work on Precinct Line, improvements to the Trinity Trails System, construction of streets within new mixed-use developments, wayfinding signage, waterfront improvements, parks, bicycle facilities; transit facility land acquisition, parking, and other improvements; and administration.

Project and Financing Plan

Approved on Feb. 5, 2013. Download the full plan.

Financial Information

Base Value $35,035,971
2015 Taxable Value $102,515,247
Percent Growth 193%
2015 City of Fort Worth Contribution $490,406

Level of Participation by Entity

Entity Particpation
City of Fort Worth 85%
Tarrant County Hospital District 0%
Tarrant County College 0%
Regional Water District 85%
Tarrant County 50%

Board Members

  • Chair: Gyna Bivens, City of Fort Worth
  • Cary Moon, City of Fort Worth
  • Bob Riley, City of Fort Worth
  • Mike Brennan, City of Fort Worth
  • Ryan Martin, City of Fort Worth
  • Cathy Young Junior, Tarrant County
  • Linda Christie, Tarrant Regional Water District

For more information about TIFs, email TIF@fortworthtexas.gov.


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