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TIF 7: North Tarrant Parkway

  • HCA ER Admissions
  • Aerial
  • New home construction

TIF 7 (North Tarrant Parkway) was created to provide for road infrastructure improvements to support property development.

Date Created: Dec. 9, 2003; boundary expanded Dec. 9, 2008
End of Term: Dec. 31, 2019
Total Acreage: 2,008 (TIF 7); 95 (TIF 7A)

Property Description: Generally bounded to the south at the intersection of Interstate 35W North and Highway 287, to the north by Golden Triangle Boulevard, to the east by Old Denton Road, and along the west by Harmon Road and Interstate 35W North. View the boundary map.

Projects: Road construction supporting the Presidio Vista and HCA Alliance projects.

Project and Financing Plan

Last amended Oct. 25, 2005. Download the full plan.

Financial Information

7 7A
Base Value $1,283,324 $320,525
2015 Taxable Value $581,979,270 $18,177,073
Percent Growth 45,249% 5,571%
2015 City of Fort Worth Contribution $3,971,960 $122,139

Level of Participation by Entity

City of Fort Worth 80%
Tarrant County Hospital District 0%
Tarrant County College 0%
Regional Water District 80%
Tarrant County 80%

Board Members

  • Chair: Cary Moon, City of Fort Worth
  • Sal Espino, City of Fort Worth
  • Bill Miller, City of Fort Worth
  • Glenn Wallace, City of Fort Worth
  • Jarred Howard, City of Fort Worth
  • Ken Kristofek, City of Fort Worth
  • Michael O’Harra, City of Fort Worth
  • Neftali Ortiz, City of Fort Worth
  • Russell Fuller, City of Fort Worth
  • Russell Laughlin, City of Fort Worth
  • Clint Abernathy, City of Fort Worth
  • Gary Fickes, Tarrant County
  • Linda Christie, Tarrant Regional Water District

For more information about TIFs, email TIF@fortworthtexas.gov.


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