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TIF 8: Lancaster

  • Streetscape
  • Omni Hotel
  • T & P Terminal

TIF 8 (Lancaster) was created to promote development along the Lancaster corridor after the Interstate 30 overhead was demolished and Lancaster Avenue was realigned as one of the primary gateways to downtown Fort Worth and the southside medical district.

Date Created: Dec. 9, 2003
End of Term: Dec. 31 2024
Total Acreage: 220

Property Description: Generally bounded to the north by Seventh and Third streets, to the south by Interstate 30, east by Calhoun Street and west by Henderson Street. View the boundary map.

Projects: Public improvements associated with mixed use projects, full service hotels, transit oriented development, historic preservation, mixed income housing, T&P Terminal and T&P Warehouse reuse; streetscape improvements; public amenities such as plazas or parks; administration; environmental remediation; public infrastructure associated with Lancaster Avenue redevelopment, including street improvements, utility relocations, parking improvements and landscaping of public areas; public art.

Project and Financing Plan

Last amended Jan. 6, 2015. Download the plan.

Financial Information

Base Value $178,938,722
2015 Taxable Value $419,752,198
Percent Growth 135%
2015 City of Fort Worth Contribution $1,029,478

Level of Participation by Entity

City of Fort Worth 50%
Tarrant County Hospital District 0%
Tarrant County College 40%
Regional Water District 40%
Tarrant County 40%

Board Members

  • Chair: Jungus Jordan, City of Fort Worth
  • Ann Zadeh, City of Fort Worth
  • Kelly Allen Gray, City of Fort Worth
  • Allison Millington, City of Fort Worth
  • David Parker, City of Fort Worth
  • Gloria Starling, City of Fort Worth
  • Patti Gearhart Turner, City of Fort Worth
  • Richard Casarez, City of Fort Worth
  • Roy C. Brooks, Tarrant County
  • Marty Leonard, Tarrant Regional Water District
  • Mark McClendon, Tarrant County College District

For more information about TIFs, email TIF@fortworthtexas.gov.


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