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FWChange to help panhandlers

When panhandlers ask you for money, you may think you're helping by giving your spare change. But there are several reasons why paying panhandlers is a bad idea.

There are much better ways to help those in need. Instead of encouraging illegal panhandling, donate your money and time to organizations that support moving people off the streets.

Panhandling encourages a transient way of life. Giving money to people on the streets can enable destructive behaviors and prevent them from seeking positive, permanent solutions.

Panhandling violates a Fort Worth city ordinance. People who panhandle are breaking the law.

Panhandling impacts public safety and quality of life. We want everyone in Fort Worth – from residents to visitors – to feel safe and welcome in our city.

Text "FWCHANGE" to 41444

Your donation, any amount, will go to the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition. This worthy organization changes lives by coordinating our community response to homelessness.

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