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Volunteer of the Month: January 2017


Every month, Animal Care & Control features a volunteer who's making a difference for the animals at the shelter.

Meet the January Volunteer of the Month, Skylar.

How long have you volunteered with the City of Fort Worth Animal Shelter?

Only three months! My orientation was in October, and the first time I volunteered was at the Pitbull Pride Festival.

Why did you decide to start volunteering with us?

I have been wanting to volunteer to give me something to do in my free time, and I love dogs. So, it made sense to help at the shelter as well as to help with my Navy reserve career.

What is your favorite volunteer activity to help with?  

I love going to the Hulen PetSmart and helping them out and playing with the dogs.

What is the strangest animal you have seen at the shelter?  

The strangest? That is a tough question. I can’t really say I have seen a strange animal since I started volunteering.

What is your fondest memory from volunteering at the shelter?  

At Hulen PetSmart, there was a pitbull mix named Stan. He was there for about three weeks or so, and I just enjoyed seeing him. He would always smile and want to play, which brightened my day! I’m glad he was able to go to a home.

Do you have any pets at home?

I do not. However, I live with two other people who have dogs – a heeler/shepherd mix and a terrier mix. I plan to adopt and/or foster when I can.