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Volunteer of the Month: Nov. 2017

Susan Dean

Every month, Animal Care & Control features a volunteer who's making a difference for the animals at the shelter.

Meet the November Volunteer of the Month, Susan Dean.

How long have you volunteered with the City of Fort Worth Animal Shelter?

Just over a year… my training was in October 2016.

Why did you decide to start volunteering with us?

I have always enjoyed volunteer work, and especially when it involves animals. I adopted my first shelter dog back in the 70s when I was in college (and living in a dorm!), and I was adopted by my Rottweiler/Marshmallow mix at FWACC three years ago. I was impressed then at how the Fort Worth shelter was operated, and how caring and helpful the staff was at that time. When I heard that there was a need for volunteers, it sounded like a good fit for me.

What is your favorite volunteer activity to help with?

I have really enjoyed mobile adoption events, such as the events at PetSmart and Hiley Subaru, especially when I get to take photos of the sweet dogs and their new families.

What is your fondest memory from volunteering at the shelter?

Helping out at Clear the Shelter day was by far the most rewarding for me. I got to help a lot of people find just the right dogs (and cats!) for their lifestyles, and got to watch them fall in love right in front of me! By the end of my shift, I was pooped from walking all over the shelter with so many excited families, but I felt like I had really accomplished something by my efforts… lots of happy people and LOTS of lucky fur-babies!

What is something you have learned from volunteering at the shelter that you wish everyone knew?

I have learned that there are some pretty cool people involved in animal welfare, and that the “dog catchers” who were always maligned in cartoons and old movies actually care very, very deeply for the animals they encounter every day, giving so much of themselves to help the lost and unwanted animals.

What do you do for fun when you’re not volunteering?

I am an avid tennis player, and serve on the “Keep It In The Purple” Committee which helps pump up fan support for the TCU Men’s Tennis team. I enjoy hanging out with my two dogs and trying to teach them that No means No (a lost cause); I do transporting for several dog rescue groups in the North Texas area; I love cross-stitching and trying to learn new crafts, such as glass-blowing and open-flame glass working; and (although not really “fun”) I work as a full-time litigation paralegal at Cantey Hanger, LLP in Fort Worth.