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Volunteer of the Month: June 2018

Brittney Chapman

Every month, Animal Care & Control features a volunteer who's making a difference for the animals at the shelter.

Meet the June Volunteer of the Month, Brittney Chapman.

Is there an aspect of our mission that motivates you to want to volunteer?

I feel like all animals should have a chance at a happy life, and at the shelter as a team we are all trying are very best to give these animals the chance they truly deserve.

What is your favorite activity to help out with and why?

I enjoy helping out with everything but I truly enjoy helping out in the medical treatment ward and the operation area.

What is the strangest animal you’ve seen at the shelter?

The strangest animal I have seen at the shelter was definitely a vulture.

Do you have any pets at home?

I have one dog and four bunnies.

What advice would you give to volunteers who have just started out?

It’s very heartbreaking to have to see the animals up there every day, it truly is trust me because I have broken down many times in the bathroom because it is so sad, but at the end of the day it is a bitter sweet moment because there are so many animals up there wanting a happy life but at least you can tell yourself every day when you get home that you made a difference today even if it’s just walking a few dogs, because to those animals, any kind of attention is truly special and they cherish it. With that being said, the advice I would give you would be, don’t volunteer because you are being forced to or because you have to, volunteer because you want to, make it into something dear to your heart because every day I go up there, even if I’m in a bad mood, those animals make my day. And yeah sometimes volunteering is hard, but those tiny eyes that look into mine is what brings me back up there every single day.