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Volunteer of the Month: July 2018

Brittney Chapman

Every month, Animal Care & Control features a volunteer who's making a difference for the animals at the shelter.

Meet the July Volunteer of the Month, Amanda Akers.

How long have you volunteered with the City of Fort Worth?

I believe I have been volunteering since March of this year. My family and I moved from Iowa in July 2017.

What is your favorite activity to help out with and why?

It has always been important to me to teach my kids the importance of volunteering. We ran a foster-based rescue in Iowa and saving animals has always been a passion.

What is your favorite activity to help out with?

Community outreach and adoption events are the bread and butter! Nothing will ever change unless the communities’ perception changes and we make animal rights and overpopulation important to everyone.

What is the strangest animal you’ve seen at the shelter?

No one is strange, everyone is unique …and should use that to their advantage!

What is your fondest memory from volunteering at the shelter?

So far, it has been seeing my 8 year old be a part of getting a dog adopted at the Botanical Gardens. He was so happy to see the older dog (bite case) got a home. He was able to show that this dog deserved a second chance. I sent the lady the adoption picture I took and she has stayed in contact, letting us know how well it is going.

Do you have any pets at home?

I have 3 dogs and 2 cats at home… all rescues!

What advice would you give to volunteers who have just started out?

Never judge an animal by someone else’s opinion. Pretty much holds true for most things in life. A kennel is a safe place, but not a home. You will rarely see a dog’s true personality until they have been shown love and compassion. Respect goes both ways. Kids are the future, and educating them on animal issues will only ensure there will be compassion for animals in the future.

The motto of any rescue/shelter should be “We are in business to put ourselves out of business”.