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Dangerous Dogs

A dangerous dog in Fort Worth is defined as one that:

  1. Makes an unprovoked attack on a person or other animal that causes bodily injury and occurs in a place other than an enclosure in which the dog was being kept, or;
  2. Commits unprovoked acts in a place other than an enclosure which the dog was being kept and those acts cause a person to reasonably believe that the animal will attack and cause bodily injury to that person.

If you own a dangerous dog

The owner of a dangerous dog is required to register annually the dog with Animal Care and Control and pay an annual registration fee.

The owner of a dangerous dog is required to notify Animal Care and Control within 14 days if the dog is sold or moved to a new address.

Animal Care and Control will conduct quarterly inspections to ensure the dangerous dog is properly registered and still kept at the registered address.

Declared Dangerous Dogs

Photo Name Address Description Date and Reason for Designation
tank Tank 7771 Silver Sage Drive Male (neutered) Tan/White Pit Bull Mix Jan. 22, 2009: Animal-on-animal attack
Duke Duke 12240 Rolling Ridge Drive Male (neutered) Black Pit Bull/Lab Mix Transfer from Hurst
Daisy Dixie 12240 Rolling Ridge Drive Female (spayed) Tan/White Shepard Mix Transfer from Hurst
Pluto Pluto 3744 Somerset Lane Male (neutered) Dark Brown with White Markings Pitbull Mix March 20, 2010: Animal-on-animal attack
Honey Honey 5915 Craig St. Female (spayed) Brown, Black and White Brindle Pitbull Mix March 23, 2010: Animal-on-animal attack
lola Lola 3905 Kingston Ct. Female (spayed) Brown/black Catahoula Mix Aug. 25, 2014: Dog-on-person attack
dottie Dottie 6409 S. Hulen St. Female (spayed) White/brown Pit Bull Mix Jan. 14, 2015: Animal-on-animal attack
zues Zues 6409 S. Hulen St. Male (neutered) Tan/White Pit Bull Mix Jan. 14, 2015: Animal-on-animal attack
tank Harley 5481 Santa Marie Ave. Male (neutered) Red/white Heeler Mix Dec. 07, 2018: Dog-on-person attack

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