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TNR policy released

by Code Compliance administration | Posted Dec. 14, 2012

As you all may be aware, City Council recently approved ordinance changes that allow feral cat Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) to be practiced legally in Fort Worth. They also authorized the Code Compliance Director to establish TNR policies that specify the requirements and responsibilities of those participating in TNR.

Attached is the policy that will be effective January 2015. It is anticipated that full implementation will be a process that we plan to complete by July 2013. For those of you who have been involved in the year-long public dialogue on this topic, you will recognize the components of the TNR program being implemented. Sponsors, Caretakers and the City’s Code Compliance Department (Animal Care and Control Division) each have assigned roles which include various levels of accountability and responsibility to ensure TNR is being practiced responsibly and that any nuisance or public health or safety threat involving feral cats can be effectively resolved.

One of the advantages to having TNR program requirements in policy form instead of prescribed in an actual ordinance is the ability to make adjustments as the program is being developed and implemented. City staff recognizes that much will be learned as we transition to a TNR community. A policy allows us to be more nimble when identifying alterations needed to improve the program.

We are planning a public meeting to answer any questions about the policy and to make note of any concerns that we can track as we begin the implementation phase.


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