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Licensing & Fees


  • Three-year license (un-microchipped pet with current rabies vaccination): $100.
  • Five-year license (un-microchipped pet with current rabies vaccination): $150.
  • Lifetime of pet license (un-microchipped pet with current rabies vaccination): $200.
  • Declared dangerous dogs license: $500.
  • Intact pet permit (dogs, cats): $50 per pet.
  • Intact pet permit with reclaim impoundment: $500.
  • Multiple pet permit: $50.
  • Replacement tag: $5.

The City of Fort Worth requires that all animals be microchipped with current contact information on file with a national chip registration company. A license is not required for microchipped animals. Licenses are required only for non-microchipped animals. We strongly recommend a microchip since this is a permanent form of identification.


  • Level one (one officer, animal restrained or confined): $65
  • Level two (one officer, animal unrestrained): $105
  • Level three (two officers, animal unrestrained): $160
  • Level four (three or more officers, animal unrestrained): $215
  • Rabbits, fowl, reptiles: $15
  • Miscellaneous livestock: $100
  • Prohibited animals: $200

Repeat Impoundment

  • Second offense: $20.
  • Third offense: $40.
  • Fourth offense: $85.

Boarding after Impoundment

  • Fort Worth resident daily fee: $8
  • Contract Tarrant County resident daily fee: $30
  • Contract municipality resident: $30
  • Aggressive dog daily boarding fee: $16
  • Quarantine-transfer fee: $50


  • Dogs: $49.
  • Cats: $25.

Adoptions are half off for animals age 5 and older. Senior citizens (age 65 and older) can adopt any animal for half off. Adoptions are free for residents with military identification.

Other Fees

Monthly ACC Report

The monthly Code Report includes Animal Care & Control code reports and additional public service code reports.

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Ordinance Review

Code Compliance is in the process of reviewing animal ordinances.

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Task Force

The Animal Task Force reviewed operations and adherence of procedures and laws from December through March.

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