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Found Dogs & Cats

The animals pictured here may be available for adoption after 72 hours if they are not reclaimed by their owners. View an animal profile below to see the found date.

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Lost Pet Tips

  1. Check with neighbors, mail carriers, neighborhood watch captains, neighborhood police officers and other individuals familiar with your area. Let them know your pet is lost so they can keep an eye out. Don't forget to check with local children.
  2. If you don't find your pet immediately, take a break and try again later. Pets often return to familiar areas. If you see your pet, bend down into a squatting position and call the pet's name. Remember to keep your voice light and happy, and to praise your pet for coming back. Do not punish your pet as this will teach him or her to ignore your calls.
  3. Check local shelters. Visit or call the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control Shelter every other day, and come in person as much as possible. Your Fort Worth Animal Care and Control Division has a staff of experts to find and handle scared, lost pets. Pets are held for three full days once they are picked up, after which they become property of the city. Click here to find phone numbers to other local animal shelters. You should also check other local shelters.
  4. Newspaper ads: When placing a newspaper ad do not advertise rewards and remember that the ad will not appear until the next day.
  5. Posting Notices: When posting a notice, include a picture of the pet and description including color and size. If you have a purebred pet and no photo, look at the library for a picture of a similar pet. Place notices in neighborhood gathering places such as grocery stores, laundry mats, veterinary offices, libraries and schools.

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