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Wild Animals

As the City of Fort Worth grows, more and more residents report sightings of a variety of wild animals in and near their neighborhoods – everything from coyotes to bobcats to feral hogs and even alligators.

Animal Care & Control handles issues involving small nuisance wildlife (raccoons, opossums, skunks, squirrels, snakes) and provide humane live traps to homeowners.

For information on what to do when you spot larger wild animals, view the information below:

Loose Livestock

The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department handles issues concern loose livestock (horses, goats, pigs, etc.) within Fort Worth city limits. Call 817-884-1212 to report loose livestock.

Task Force

The Animal task force will review operations and adherence of procedures and laws. The task force will hold at least one public meeting about the shelter as it operates between December and March.

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