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The Athletics Program provides a variety of year-round programs and facilities for Fort Worth residents of all ages. We are dedicated to offering athletic programs geared toward providing participants a release from stress, and an opportunity to enhance physical conditioning and quality of life.

Youth Sports

The City of Fort Worth provides year-round sports leagues for Fort Worth youth ages 5 to 17 years. Teams are scheduled to play one game per week. Each team is also allocated one practice facility rental per week, to be coordinated by the coach. Youth sports are sponsored by the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation.

For questions about Youth Sports, contact the main Park & Recreation office at La Gran Plaza by calling 817-392-7696.

Youth Coaching

All coaches are required to pass a background check and attend one mandatory coaches' meeting for their sport each season. The city's Youth Athletics Program conducts two coaches' meetings prior to each youth sports season to set expectations, educate coaches on policies and procedures, explain rules, convey the purpose of the league, explain and discuss local rules, give coaching tips and recommendations, and answer questions. Attendance at one of the two meetings is required by one coach from each team.

Adult Sports

For questions about Adult Sports and field rentals, call Haws Athletic Center at 817-392-7690.


Learn more about athletic facilities and reservation/rental options.


4200 S. Freeway, Suite 2200

Adult sports: 817-392-7690
Youth sports: 817-392-7696

Heat Illness Prevention

Before your team hits the practice field, learn what to do about and how to prevent heat illnesses, heart conditions and head injuries on your team.

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