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Active Transportation Plan

What is Active Transportation?

Active transportation is a means of getting around that is achieved through human-powered mobility. This includes walking and bicycling, as well as the needs of wheelchair users and other types of non-motorized mobility devices, whether for everyday trips to work, shops and other destinations, or for recreational purposes. Active transportation is an important element of a community’s mobility network, since it not only increases transportation choices but also supports healthy, active living.

Fort Worth Active Transportation Plan

Fort Worth’s goal is to develop a plan for a transportation system that provides multiple alternatives for travel. The Active Transportation Plan will focus on walking and bicycling, including connectivity between other modes such as vehicles and transit. This plan will integrate and update previous planning efforts such as the Walk Fort Worth and Bike Fort Worth plans, develop a new Trails Master Plan, and provide coordination with the regional Transit Master Plan. The result will be a unified citywide transportation network for people who walk and bike, with a coordinated implementation strategy for planning, prioritizing, and building improvements.

The Active Transportation Plan is a validation requirement for the Blue Zones Project, a community-wide well-being improvement initiative to help make healthy choices easier for everyone in Fort Worth.

Active Transportation Plan Objectives

The primary objectives of the Fort Worth Active Transportation Plan include the following:

1. Identify the Active Transportation network for people who walk, use transit and bicycles, thereby creating a citywide seamless network of on- and off-street bicycle and pedestrian ways suitable for people of all ages and abilities 2. Identify appropriate level of comfort scores or metrics across the Active Transportation network
3. Update the City’s Bike Fort Worth and Walk Fort Worth plans and develop a new comprehensive Trails Master Plan
4. Develop guiding principles and criteria for evaluating network alternatives and for prioritizing funding and projects that include equity, health, safety, economic development and access
5. Develop policies, performance targets and design guidelines
6. Prioritize projects
7. Develop an implementation and funding plan

Draft Active Transportation Plan

Draft Network

Review a draft of the Active Transportation Network.

The bicycle network and pedestrian networks may be toggled on and off using the menu on the right. The pedestrian network is made up of trails (green), priority transit corridors (purple) and short trip demand areas (blue). Short trip demand areas are based on the density of population, employment, transit, schools, trailheads and households without a motor vehicle. Transit corridors include proposed rapid transit and frequent transit service. The bicycle network is made up of trails (green), sidepaths (orange) and bicycle facilities (blue). Existing bicycle facilities are marked as solid lines; dashed lines are proposed.

Draft Plan

Download a copy of the draft Active Transportation Plan.

Download a copy of the draft Active Transportation Plan Executive Summary.

Download copies of:
- Trails Executive Summary
- Pop-up Projects Guide
- Facility Selection and Design Toolbox


Download copies of the appendices:
- Existing Conditions
- Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress Methodology
- Pedestrian Experience Index Methodology
- Public Engagement Summary
- Network Approach Methodology

How to Participate

Public Input Meetings

The City of Fort Worth held a series of three public meetings throughout the course of the project to provide information about the plan and gather input regarding future walking and biking transportation needs.

January 2019 Public Meeting

Previous Public Meeting Presentation

September 2018

March 2018

Download a copy of the presentation.

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