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Dental Insurance

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As a City of Fort Worth Employee, you have four dental plan options available to you: the Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO) option with a high and low plan choice, and the Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) option with a high and low plan choice. Both plans have limited networks and are limited to those residing in certain zip codes.


The DHMO options (high and low) offer a more cost-conscious option with copays for most services. You must elect a primary care dentist with this plan and that dentist will direct your care, and refer you to other types of dentists as needed.

The DHMO high option provides fixed copays for all levels of services, provided you have received a referral to a network specialty dentist and the treatment plan has been authorized for payment.

In the DHMO low plan, advanced services, such as bridges or crowns, are only covered if you go to your selected network general dentist. Services under a specialty network dentist will not be covered, however if you do need services from a specialty dentist, you will be able to pay the contract rate and not the full usual fee.

The DHMO low-option plan is only available to employees and enrolled dependents who live in the state of Texas. There is no coverage for dependents living outside of Texas.


The DPPO options (high and low) offer you more freedom of choice for dentists, offering in and out of network coverage, but there is a limit to how much the dental insurance will pay for services like cleanings and x-rays. A primary care dentist is not necessary and covered treatments are paid out on a coinsurance basis.

The DPPO high option offers a higher annual maximum and higher levels of coinsurance. It also covers implants and orthodontia is covered for children up to age 19 and adults.

Orthodontics are only covered on the high DPPO option, and implants are covered on both options, up to the plan limit. Both high and low DPPO plan options allow you to receive four cleanings per calendar year.

The DDPO low plan has a reduced annual maximum and pays a lower coinsurance rate. Orthodontia is not covered under the DPPO low option, but implants are covered.

2019 Semi-Monthly Dental Rates for Employees

Applicable for active full-time, part-time employees and council aides

Employee Dental Rates



Dental Options DHMO Low (TXM74) DHMO High (TX15A) DPPO Low DPPO High
Employee Only $4.57 $6.77 $11.47 $17.03
Employee and Spouse $7.83 $11.66 $21.80 $34.91
Employee and Child(ren) $8.15 $13.55 $25.24 $45.12
Employee and Family $12.19 $20.67 $35.57 $57.04

Download a PDF of 2019 Semi-Monthly Dental Rates.

2019 Semi-Monthly Dental Rates for Retirees

Applicable for retirees and surviving spouses

Retiree Dental Rates



Dental Options DHMO Low DHMO High DPPO Low DPPO High
Retiree/Surviving Spouse Only $9.13 $13.54 $21.34 $31.68
Retiree and Spouse $15.66 $23.31 $40.55 $64.94
Retiree/Surviving Spouse and Child(ren) $16.30 $27.10 $46.96 $83.95
Retiree and family $24.38 $41.33 $66.17 $106.12