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Voluntary Benefits

The City offers a variety of supplemental benefit plans provided by several different vendors. These plans can provide you additional coverage in the event of specific incidents such as cancer or an accident. These plans are not intended to replace your traditional medical plan, but to supplement what you have already in place. The City does not sponsor or administer any of these plans. Your contract is directly with the vendor, however you may be able to have the premiums or fees paid via payroll deduction. Please contact the Benefits Office if you would like vendor contacts for any of these plans.

Fort Worth City Credit Union

The credit union is open to you, your spouse and your dependent children as soon as your employment with the City of Fort Worth begins. All you have to do is pay a $1 membership fee and deposit $25 or more to open a checking or savings account. For more information, visit www.fwccu.org or call 817-732-2803.

Cancer Insurance

A cancer insurance plan is insurance that will provide you a lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with a form of cancer. It also may help pay for costs for experimental treatments or specialized testing that may not be covered by traditional health insurance.

Accident Insurance

An accident plan is insurance that will provide a benefit in the event you are injured accidentally. Depending on the type of plan, this may be in the form of disability income or money to offset bills, such as ambulance or hospital expenses.

Critical Illness Insurance

A critical illness plan is insurance that will provide you a lump sum benefit if you are diagnosed with a critical illness. Critical illnesses can be conditions such as stroke, heart attack, paralysis, and organ transplant.