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Health Center Plan

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The Health Center Plan offers employees health centers in and around the Fort Worth area that are exclusively available to city employees, retirees and their dependents. These centers provide unlimited primary care services for employees during normal business hours, and may include extended business hours in some locations. Employees can expect to receive an appointment on the same or next business day for sick visits.

Additionally, there are satellite locations available to employees on this plan, however they are not exclusive to city employees and therefore may not offer immediate appointments.

Specialists are available on this plan as well at various costs, depending upon their participation in the UnitedHealthcare – Choice Network and whether or not they are a premium or a non-premium provider.

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2020 Medical Rates

Active Employees (Per Paycheck)

Completed MHA, Tobacco Affidavit and Physical
Completed MHA, Tobacco Affidavit OR Physical
Did not complete any requirements
Total Cost per Month
Monthly Employee Cost Employee Cost Per Paycheck Monthly Employee Cost Employee Cost Per Paycheck Monthly Employee Cost Employee Cost Per Paycheck
$678.76 $104.38 $48.18 $154.38 $71.25 $204.38 $94.33
Employee + spouse $1,698.92 $516.47 $238.37 $566.47 $261.45 $616.47 $284.52
Employee + child(ren) $1,221.01 $385.34 $177.85 $435.34 $200.93 $485.34 $224.00
Employee + family $2,209.99 $722.51 $333.47 $772.51 $356.54 $822.51 $379.62
  • All preventive care, including mammograms and routine colonoscopies, are free to members of both the Health Center Plan and the Consumer Choice Plan.
  • Consumer Choice Plan members will be able to use the health centers at a discounted rate of $60 per visit.
  • Mental health services are still available, and are treated like medical services under both plan options regarding the billing process.

Retiree rates are available on the Retiree Benefits page.