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Healthcare Concierge

Compass Professional Health Services is the city’s employee advocate for health services. In other words, they are kind of like a personal concierge that you can call on anytime you need them.

Compass is here to be your healthcare partner. Employees should feel free to contact Compass any time they want help with things like understanding healthcare billing or finding quality providers in-network.

Sometimes it can be impossible to make sense of medical treatment options and costs. One provider might charge $1,500 for an MRI, while another charges $500 – and that’s why we offer Compass.

With so many challenges and inconsistencies existing throughout the North Texas healthcare systems, you can rely on your Compass Health Pro to make you an empowered healthcare consumer who takes control of healthcare options and costs.

Visit the Compass website.

Compass is a complimentary service provided free of charge to employees and retirees on the city’s Health Center Plan or Consumer Choice Plan. They are just a phone call or a click away, and can help with:

Understanding your benefits

Your Compass Health Pro will confirm your benefits coverage and coordinate complex issues between your insurance and doctor, explaining everything in plain and simple terms. You can even rely on your Compass Health Pro to help you stay up to date on preventive tests, scheduling appointments and coordinating the transfer of medical records.

Finding a great doctor

Whether you’re searching for a new primary care physician or seeking out a specialist, let your Compass Health Pro do the legwork. Your Compass Health Pro will not only find one that matches your personal preferences, but will also ensure that you’re maximizing healthcare benefits by receiving highly-rated care with low out-of-pocket costs.

Saving money on medical costs and prescriptions

Tell your Compass Health Pro exactly what your healthcare need is, and they will compare prices of in-network providers and help you find high-quality care at the right price. Additionally, your Compass Health Pro is equipped to locate the lowest-cost prescription drug options for you.

Getting help with medical bills

Your Compass Health Pro is your healthcare advocate who will review your bills, confirm coverage and ensure you’re not being overcharged. In fact, your Health Pro will work on your behalf to make sure everything is resolved between your insurance and healthcare provider.