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Life Insurance

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The City of Fort Worth offers Group Term Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D).

City Provided Group Term Life Insurance

This plan is designed to provide financial protection for your family against the unexpected. The City of Fort Worth provides you with 1 times your annual salary Group Term Life Insurance at no cost to you, if you are an active, full time employee or part time employee working over 20 hours per week. This policy also includes an Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) provision, which provides an additional 1 times your annual salary benefit for death caused by an accident, if death occurs within 90 days following the accident.

The city provides a “living benefit” if you become terminally ill, by allowing the use of a portion of the life insurance benefits for a terminally ill employee or spouse, while living, to use as they find necessary.

Participants who are certified as disabled by their physician may be able to apply for a waiver or premium for their life insurance premiums. Please contact the Office of Human Resources, Benefits Office for more information.

Group Term Life and AD&D Insurance

This plan is also available through Securian. How much life insurance you need depends on your income and how much your family will need in the event of your death. If you would like coverage beyond what is paid by the City of Fort Worth, you may buy additional supplemental coverage and AD&D Insurance for yourself and your eligible dependents according to plan guidelines.

Policies are available in amounts up to five times your annual salary. You may enroll your spouse in a flat $50,000 policy and each of your dependent children is eligible for a $10,000 policy. Newborns who are one to 14 days old are eligible for $750 in coverage, an amount that automatically increases to $10,000 on their 15th day of life.

As an added benefit, employees who purchase supplemental group term life insurance also receive additional travel assistance for emergencies, as well as funeral concierge services to help in planning.

The Securian Group Term Life and AD&D insurance coverage for employees and spouses will be reduced by 35 percent at age 70 and 50 percent at age 75. AD&D benefits terminate at age 70.

You can keep the Group Term Life Insurance if you do leave the City by paying Securian directly. The cost will be the same as if you were a city employee.

Please call the Benefits office at 817-392-7782 for more information on this program.