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Medicare Retirees Health Plans

The City of Fort Worth is pleased to offer our Medicare eligible retirees the Medicare Advantage PPO Plan with Part D coverage.


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To learn more, download a Medicare overview.

</div> ## Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug (MAPD) Plans This plan offers benefits beyond Original Medicare. They include coverage for doctor visits, specialists, hospitalization, and prescription drug coverage all in one plan. You also get access to preventive care and wellness programs. You get coverage for medical emergencies when traveling as well as access to the National Medical Excellence Program ®. This program includes a network of doctors and facilities. You can participate in Care Management programs and your covered prescriptions can be filled at over 65,000 Aetna Medicare participating network providers. ## Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug Plan - PPO The Aetna Medicare AdvantageSM Plan (PPO) with an extended service area (ESA) offers services and programs beyond Original Medicare and includes special programs only available to Aetna members. Unlike a traditional PPO, you can use in-network or out-of-network providers at the in-network benefits. ### Plan Details You can use providers who are in or out of the plan’s nationwide network. An out-of-network provider must be eligible to receive Medicare payment and willing to accept the PPO ESA plan. Some features of the Medicare Advantage PPO Plan: * A national PPO Care Management program is designed to help you manage health conditions. * Freedom to use providers in and out of network as long as they are eligible for Medicare payment and agree to accept your PPO plan. * Selecting a primary care physician (PCP) is not required but we do encourage you to select one. * Access to the National Medical Excellence Program® a select network of physicians and facilities designed to help those with complex illness or injury * Preventive benefits beyond Original Medicare at no additional cost. Important to know: * You must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and B and continue to pay your Part B premium and Part A premium if applicable. * You must live in the plan service areas * You will enjoy limits to your out-of-pocket plan costs * If you use a provider that does not participate in the plan’s network, the provider must be licensed, eligible to receive Medicare payment and willing to accept the plan. ## Materials I should receive as a MAPD member **Plan Confirmation Letter** This letter confirms that you are eligible to become a member of the MAPD plan. **Aetna Medicare Identification (ID) card** **Plan Documents** You will receive several plan documents that will help you understand and use your plan. They include: - EOC - Evidence of Coverage - Schedule of Copayments - Provider Directory - Prescription Drug Formulary list **Health Risk Survey** You will be contacted by phone or mail to complete a health risk survey. **Death Benefit** All City of Fort Worth retirees are eligible for a $5,000 benefit payable to their beneficiary upon their death. The benefit is paid through the Fort Worth Employee’s Retirement Fund. ## Health and Wellness Discount Programs for Aetna Health plans Stay healthy with savings that come with your Aetna health plan. You can save on gym memberships, home exercise products and equipment, eye care, eye wear, LASIK eye surgery, over the counter vitamins, massage therapy, hearing aids and more. These programs are not insurance so there are no claims, no referrals and no limits to how often you can use your discounts. **Aetna Vision Discount Program** Save on what you need to see better, like eye exams, glasses, contacts … even LASIK. You also pay less for vision items that do not need a prescription. Provider locations can be found at www.aetna.com or by calling 1-800-793-8616. **Aetna HearingSM Discount Program** You and your covered family members can save on the latest hearing aid styles and technologies with Aetna Hearing Discounts offered through HearPO®, a national hearing benefits provider. The program provides discounts on the retail price of hearing exams and hearing aid services (including repairs) at more than 1,900 participating locations across the country. There are no referrals and no claims required to receive your discount. To find a HearPO® location near you, call 1-888-HEARING (1-888-432-7464) weekdays from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Eastern Time. **Aetna FitnessSM Discount Program** With the Aetna Fitness Discount Program, you and your covered family members can get discounts on health club memberships and certain home exercise equipment and videos. The program is offered through GlobalFit™, with more than 10,000 locations nationwide. You can learn more about this program and find a list of participating clubs by calling GlobalFit at 1-800-298-7800 or by visiting www.globalfit.com/fitness. **Aetna Natural Products and ServicesSM Discount Program** Aetna offers you and your covered family members discounts on complementary health and wellness products and services through the Aetna Natural Products and Services program (be sure the SM stays on this name). Offered by American Specialty Health® (ASH), the program provides discounts on acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy and nutrition counseling. The program also provides discounts on healthy lifestyle products, including over the counter vitamins, herbal and nutritional supplements, aromatherapy, yoga equipment and more. You can find participating natural therapy professionals on DocFind®. **Aetna Weight Management discount program** Save on some of today’s most popular weight loss programs, diet and meal plans. **Aetna Book discount program** Access discounts on books and other items purchased from the American Cancer Society Bookstore, the MayoClinic.com Bookstore and for yoga-related titles, Pranamaya.com.



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