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Art Commission

Authority for Creation and Operation

The Art Commission is authorized by Chapter XXVII, Section 4 of the City Charter. The Commission was created by Ordinance No. 1083, July 7, 1925, amended by Ordinance No. 4487, on June 30, 1961, and Ordinance No. 4898 on May 20, 1963, and amended by Ordinance No. 14794 on October 21, 2001.


Nine members

Method of Appointment

Appointed by resolution by the Mayor, approved by the City Council.

Term of Office

Two-year terms to expire on October 1. No member shall serve more than three consecutive two-year terms.

General Powers and Duties

The Commission is to act as an advisory body to the City Council in matters relating to the City of Fort Worth’s public art program.

Members are not considered to be officers of the City of Fort Worth.


Place Name Original Appointment Term Expires
1 Robyne Kelly (CR) 10-19-10 09-30-17
2 Jennifer Price (AP) 10-21-14 09-30-16
3 Carol Hendrix (CR) 02-11-14 09-30-17
4 Brandon Burns (AP) 05-12-16 09-30-16
5 Shelia Hill 10-27-15 09-30-17
6 Nick Bontrager(AP) 01-27-15 09-30-16
7 Bethany Dodson (CR) 04-09-13 09-30-17
8 Renita Joyce Smith (CR) 04-09-13 09-30-16
9 Bill Campbell (AP) 02-11-14 09-30-17

(Additional appointments will be made as needed)
CR - Community Representative
AP - Art Professional

Chairperson: Arthur Weinmann

Meeting Information

Meets on the second Monday, at the Fort Worth Community Arts, 1300 Gendy St., at 5:30 p.m.

No meeting dates posted.


Martha Peters