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Board of Adjustment - Residential

Authority for Creation and Operation

The Board of Adjustment operates under the authority of Zoning Ordinance No. 3011, adopted on November 26, 1952, amended by Ordinance No. 4187, adopted on October 9, 1959, Ordinance No. 5756, adopted on March 27, 1967, Ordinance No. 10876 adopted on July 9, 1991, Ordinance No. 14437, adopted December 12, 2000, Ordinance No. 14849, adopted November 13, 2001, and Ordinance No. 16947-05-2006, adopted May 15, 2006. (This Board is exempt by Ordinance No. 8971 from the provisions of Ordinance No. 8758 regarding 9-member boards and length of terms of service.)


Nine members

Method of Appointment

Appointed by City Council. The City Council will consider for appointment to the Baord of Adjustment only those persons who have demonstrated their civic interest, general knowledge of the community, independent judgment, understanding of zoning and planning, and availability to prepare for and attend meetings. Preference will be given, where feasible, to appointees who possess knowledge or background in one of the following fields: law, property development, building design, or mortgaging and financing.

Term of Office

Vacancies shall be filled for unexpired terms but no member shall be appointed for a term in excess of two years. An alternate member may be appointed to serve as a regular member, at the discretion of the City Council. Board members may be appointed to succeed themselves.

General Powers and Duties

The Board of Adjustment has the powers and exercises the duties of a board in accordance with Chapter 211, Title 7, Local Government Code, Vernon's Texas Annotated Codes. The Board hears and decides cases where it is alleged there is error in any requirement, decision, or determination made by the Building Official in the enforcement of ordinances, and has the power to establish public notice and hearing to alter previous action in such matters. They have such powers as are specified by Ordinance No. 5756.

Members are considered to be officers of the City of Fort Worth.


Place Name District Original Appointment Term Expires
1 J.R. Martinez 1 07-21-15 10-01-17
2 Tony Perez 2 07-21-15 10-01-16
3 Moiri Brown 3 09-09-14 10-01-17
4 Joey Dixson 4 02-19-13 10-01-16
5 DeDe Smith 5 10-07-13 10-01-17
6 Phillip Vaden 6 03-03-15 10-01-16
7 Wade Chappel 7 12-07-10 10-01-15
8 Steven Epstein 8 08-12-14 10-01-16
9 James Darien George 9 04-01-14 10-01-17

Expired terms are holdover positions.

*Effective January 1, 2007

Meeting Information

The board meets in the Council Chamber on the third Wednesday of each month at 1:30 p.m.

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