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Lake Worth Regional Coordination Committee

The Lake Worth Regional Coordination Committee (LWRCC) provides advice as requested to the City Council and other decision-making bodies regarding growth and development in the Lake Worth watershed. The committee includes representatives from the City of Fort Worth, surrounding jurisdictions, watershed neighborhood leaders, major property owners and nonprofit stakeholders. The committee meets quarterly or on an ad hoc basis.


Local Government

  • Dennis Shingleton, Council Member, City of Fort Worth, Chairman
  • Stephen Barrett, City Plan Commissioner, City of Fort Worth
  • Brett McGuire, City Manager, City of Lake Worth
  • Norman Craven, Town Administrator, Town of Lakeside
  • J.D. Johnson, Commissioner, Tarrant County
  • George Conley, Commissioner, Parker County

Lakeshore Neighborhood Leaders

  • Joe Waller, President, Lake Worth Alliance
  • Patricia Hyer President, East Lake Worth Neighborhood Association
  • Marianne Armstrong and Mark McCauley, Co-Chairs, Neighborhood Association on South Lake Worth
  • Michael Barnard, President, North Lake Worth Neighborhood Association
  • Michael Dallas, President, Scenic Shores Neighborhood Association
  • Jim and Diane Smith, City of Lake Worth residents

Major Property Owners

  • Bradley Hickman, Hickman Investment, Ltd.
  • Kenneth Davis, Pape-Daweson Engineers Inc. for Cassco Land Co., Inc.
  • Robert (Bob) Manthei, Regulatory Affairs Coordinator, XTO Energy Inc.

Nonprofit and Development Stakeholders

  • Mark Ernst, Water Quality Manager, Tarrant Regional Water District
  • Valerie Jay, Executive Director, Streams and Valleys, Inc
  • Rick Shepherd, President, Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge, Inc.
  • Tom Galbreath, Board Member, Greater Fort Worth Real Estate Council
  • Lee Nicol, Lee Nicol Interests LLC

Ex Officio

  • Captain Michael Steffen, Commanding Officer, and Michael Branum, Community Plans and Liaison Officer, NAS Fort Worth JRB
  • Tamara Cook, Manager of Environment & Development, NCTCOG

Agendas & Updates