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Park & Recreation Advisory Board

Authority for Creation and Operation

The combining of the Park and Recreation Boards was authorized by the voters in the Charter Amendment Election held on January 31, 1964. The establishment of the Park and Recreation Board is provided for in Ordinance No. 5113, adopted on February 17, 1964, Ordinance No. 7208, adopted on August 11, 1975; Ordinance No. 8787 adopted on March 30, 1983; and Ordinance No. 11541, adopted on April 12, 1994, changing name of board to Parks and Community Services Advisory Board.


Nine members.

Method of Appointment

Appointed by the City Council. Members shall be citizens of the City of Fort Worth, shall serve without compensation, and may be removed at any time by the City Council.

Term of Office

Two-year terms to expire October 1. No member shall serve more than three consecutive two-year terms.

General Powers and Duties

Responsible for providing policy recommendations and information to the City Manager and the City Council about citizen needs and requests that will improve the services of the Department; recommends to the City Manager and the City Council plans for development of facilities and services to meet the needs of the City; reviews and comments upon the proposed annual operating budget and capital improvement program request. Recommendations made by the Board will be presented to the City Manager and the City Council for consideration.

Members are not considered to be officers of the City of Fort Worth.


Place Name District Original Appointment Term Expires
1 Matthew Dufrene Oct. 27, 2015 Oct. 1 2017
2 Teresa Ayala 2 Aug. 19, 2014 Oct. 1, 2016
3 Diane Criswell 3 Nov. 19, 2013 Oct. 1, 2017
4 Thomas Reddick 4 July 20, 2010 Oct. 1, 2016
5 William Mitchell 5 Oct. 7, 2013 Oct. 1, 2017
6 James Doherty 6 Aug. 14, 2012 Oct. 1, 2016
7 Chase Dustin 7 Dec. 3, 2013 Oct. 1, 2017
8 Lee Niata Johnson 8 Feb. 11, 2014 Oct. 1, 2016
9 Dan Villegas 9 Nov. 4, 2014 Oct. 1, 2017

Expired terms are holdover positions.

Chair: Sheila Hill

Meeting Information

Meets in the Deborah Beggs Moncrief Botanic Center, 3220 Botanic Garden Drive, on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 4 p.m.

No meeting dates posted.


Adriana Maldonado, 817-392-5704

Richard Zavala, 817-392-5704