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Business Smart

What Is It?

The Business Smart – Waste Reduction and Recycling certification program is a performance-based recognition program for businesses and industries that promote environmentally-sustainable choices in the course of daily operations. This city-sponsored sustainability initiative is designed to assist Fort Worth business owners and operators make their operations, facilities and bottom line “greener” by re-thinking their waste generation and disposal practices. The City Material Management Program’s staff will be available to answer questions and concerns, set up audits and reviews, and offer resources and advice at each step of the process in certifying businesses and industries as a Fort Worth Business Smart – Waste Reduction and Recycling facility.

Why Join?

With Business Smart – Waste Reduction and Recycling certification comes recognition as a leader in sustainability. In addition to accessing the resources of the City of Fort Worth to help make your business more environmentally-friendly and cost effective, your business will gain public recognition as a business that balances present needs with protection of the environment for today and for future generations. It means making decisions about waste generation and disposal that do the least possible damage to the environment, and conserve resources within the profit margins of your business.

Who Can Join?

Any business owned or operated within the city limits of Fort Worth can be certified as a Business Smart – Waste Reduction and Recycling facility. Businesses that already operate under green initiatives can achieve higher levels of recognition and become a model for others striving to meet the same goals. Although building-wide initiatives can be more effective, the program is designed to allow tenant-operated businesses to achieve positive results in the Business Smart – Waste Reduction and Recycling program.

How To Join?

Become Business Smart – Waste Reduction and Recycling facility by being located in Fort Worth, registering with the program, completing the checklist with a minimum score of 55 and agreeing to report twice per year on the results of your implemented waste reduction and recycling practices and programs. City services are provided free of charge. There may be costs associated with retrofitting and improvements necessary to make your facilities more sustainable.


Join today to become Business Smart – Waste Reduction and Recycling facility tomorrow.


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