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Business Smart

Earning Recognition with Business Smart

Now that you have registered with Business Smart, it’s time to earn points and be recognized as a business that promotes sustainability. Each of the five section guides defines how to earn points for that area of the program. Once you read the guides and evaluate your progress in each area, download the Business Smart Checklist and calculate your points. When you complete the checklist, submit by email.

Learn more about Business Smart recognition levels.

Waste Reduction and Recycling Guide

Economic growth and expanding population are putting a squeeze on existing landfills. This section guide offers recycling and waste reduction strategies for businesses seeking to be a part of the regional effort to reduce waste.

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Water Conservation Guide

Water conservation is necessary to ensure that Fort Worth can meet its booming population’s needs and support expansion and growth. This section guide explains steps to promote, reduce, retrofit or repair to save water.

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Energy Conservation Guide

Conserving energy in daily operations saves money and reduces the need for the generation of energy, a contributing factor in poor air quality. This section guide offers strategies to reduce energy consumption.

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Air/Transportation Guide

North Central Texas is in nonattainment for ozone emissions by EPA standards. This section guide offers transportation and equipment strategies for commuters and businesses that want to be a part of the regional effort to promote clean air.

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Outreach and Education Guide

The outreach and education section guide suggests activities to engage employees, tenants and property managers with the principles of the Business Smart program to create enthusiasm and generate more ideas to increase sustainability initiatives.

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