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Boards and Commissions

Aviation Advisory Board

Authority for Creation and Operation: The Aviation Advisory Board was created by Ordinance No. 4294 adopted on May 27, 1960, which ordinance was amended by Ordinance No. 7222, adopted on September 8, 1975; Ordinance No. 8840, adopted on June 7, 1983; Ordinance No. 10953, adopted November 12, 1991; and Ordinance No. 11214, adopted on December 3, 1992.

Composition: Nine members.

Method of Appointment: Appointed by the City Council.

Term of Office: All appointments shall be for two years, except that appointments to vacancies occurring other than by expiration shall be filled in the manner provided for original appointment for the remainder of the unexpired term. No member shall be appointed to serve more than three two-year terms, but will serve his replacement is appointed.

General Powers and Duties: The Aviation Advisory Board acts in an advisory capacity to the City Manager and the City Council in accordance with established City policy governing City advisory boards. The Aviation Advisory Board, subject to the authority of the City Council, has the authority to review and recommend to the City Manager and the City Council any and all plans of any extensions, improvements, and additions to the airports system and its master plan; may recommend the adoption of rules and regulations for the government of the airports system; review and comment on the annual operating budget and capital improvement requests; and make recommendations regarding the leasing of lands and granting of concessions or franchises for the privilege of doing business in or on the properties of the airports system in cases where such leases, concessions or franchises might have an impact on the development of the airport's system and its master plan and may review and recommend to the City Manager and the City Council a schedule of rental rates and other fees and charges for tenants and other lessees of airport property.

Members are not considered to be officers of the City of Fort Worth.

Meeting Time and Place: Meets in Suite 200, Meacham International Airport Terminal Building on the third Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. or by special arrangement and notice, as required. For meeting agendas, please see the Boards, Commissions and Committees page.

Present Membership
Name District Original Appointment Term Expires
1 Jeff Law 6 11-19-13 10-01-15
2 Michael Valdez 2 08-05-14 10-01-16
3 William Lawson 3 10-13-09 10-01-15
4 Alex Jimenez 4 11-17-09 10-01-14
5 Mike Dean 5 10-07-13 10-01-15
6 Erik Brown 6 09-28-10 10-01-16
7 Michael Ward 7 01-24-12 10-01-15
8 Ericka F. Calton 8 02-07-12 10-01-16
9 Patti Randle 9 10-07-13 10-01-15

Expired terms are holdover positions.

Chairperson: Michael Ward

Staff Contact: William Welstead, 817-392-5402

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