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Number of missed waste collection pickups per 1,000 households

See the analysis section for more information.

Why is this important?

This measure tracks how well the city, through its contracted service provider(s), is doing in providing residential curbside waste collection of weekly services. When data indicates that a resident has experience more than three missess in a 90-day period, or if a reported miss has not been rectified within 24 hours, the city can then charge the contractor for liquidated damages.

Performance Analysis

With an average of 1.289 misses per 1,000 households/month in 2017, missed collections has seen a slight upward trend in the past few years. The city’s population growth has resulted in an 8 percent increase in solid waste customers since 2012. The city is working to improve performance by working with the City Call Center to educate citizens about solid waste pickup. Several initiatives that will enhance service are planned for 2018, including contractor tags on overfilled carts, right sizing carts to prevent overfilled cart issue, and an in-depth assessment of bulk misses.