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Water consumption per capita per day

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Why is this important?

Gallons per capita per day (GPCD) approximates the average amount of water used per day, per person, in one year. It generally is compiled on a water utility-wide basis. GPCD provides an apple-to-apple comparison of water usage between utilities. GPCD can also be used for estimating future water use demand and is an important tool for tracking conservation goals since it provides a baseline for households and individuals to track and compare their own conservation efforts.

Performance Analysis

The Water Department’s goal is to meet a five-year average of 170 GPCD by 2020. The 158 GPCD in FY2016 illustrates achieved conservation savings significantly ahead of the 2020 goal. The City of Fort Worth has developed this water conservation plan in accordance with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality guidelines and requirements. Fort Worth has developed goals based on the recommendation of the Texas Water Conservation Task Force, which suggests a 1 percent reduction in gallons per capita per day per year. A series of dry years may lead to an average exceeding the goal.

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