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Commercial Building Permit

New Commercial Building Permits ONLY accepted ONLINEBeginning Jan. 1, 2020, applications for new commercial building permits will only be accepted online. Accepting these permits online will save time and resources for customers and staff. New commercial building permits include new construction and additions. Remodel only permits can be applied for in paper format or online. A guide for submitting documents and online training videos are available on the city's website.

New commercial, commercial accessory and addition construction requires building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits. The building permit must be obtained and issued before trade permit can be applied for. Additional requirements may need to be met before a building permit can be issued depending upon the property location, zoning or based on design guidelines for the area. Permits also are required for construction that changes, moves or repairs walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing.

Permits are not required for “cosmetic” remodels (floor or wall covering, cabinets, counter tops, shelving, etc.) or plumbing fixture replacement.

Commerical Permit Requirements

A complete building permit application is required for all paper permit submissions. It is encouraged on electronic document submissions.

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