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Electric Fence Installation

Electrified fences containing more than two energized strand and having a minimum height of more than 24 inches from the ground to the highest strand are permitted and regulated by Article 696 of the City of Fort Worth’s Amended Electrical Code. Electrified fences are permitted by right in accordance with requirements laid out in the Article 696.


  • Electrical permit for the electrified fence strands
  • Building permit for the required protective barrier.
  • Access Control permit from Fort Worth Fire Department for required key switch.

Submittal Requirements

  • Site plan showing the location of the protective barrier and the electrified fence on the property in relationship to property lines, walkways and existing buildings.
  • Fence details showing both the electrified fence and protective barrier, including all gates
  • Electrical details showing the equipment wiring diagrams, grounding, and other information to insure compliance with the Fort Worth Electrical Code.
  • Energizer Output Certification Form. The electrical device must comply with section 202.108 if IEC 60335-2-76 international standard. Prohibited Locations
  • Electrified fences shall not be installed at the following locations
    • Within five feet of a building exit.
    • Within 30 feet of hazardous material storage or handling areas.
    • On roof tops or within buildings.
    • All residential uses.


  • Inward and outward warning signs
  • 30 foot interval along entire perimeter of the fence line
  • Signs at all entrances to secured area
  • Warning in both English and Spanish


  • Electrified fences installed after Feb. 13, 2012, must be registered and renew annually.
  • Protective Barrier will be re-inspected as part of annual registration.

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