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Emergency Management Office

The Fort Worth outdoor warning system consist of 147 sirens.

Accessible Hazard Alert System: View Active Alerts for residents with hearing or visual impairments

Health Care Exercise Registration Information

The City of Fort Worth Office of Emergency Management (OEM) in its efforts to assist with the health care facilities on their licensing and certification processes with the Centers for Medicare and Medicare (CMS), will facilitate a Virtual Table Top Exercise (VTTX). The exercise will be focused on severe weather, and will test your facility's plan and ability to respond to a severe weather event.

The exercise will be held on Oct. 23, 2019 from 9-11 a.m.

Please complete the Exercise Registration Form by Oct. 11, 2019.

Exercise information will be sent out after finalizing the registration process.

For additional information, please contact Lourdes M. Rodriguez, 817-392-6172 or via email.

Tornado Shelter Registration

Fort Worth’s Tornado Shelter Registration Program is free and voluntary. It allows residents who own a personal, severe weather shelter in Fort Worth city limits to register their shelter with the city.

Registering your shelter allows the Fort Worth Emergency Operations Center to provide information to first responders during Emergency/Disaster responses. This information gives rescue personnel valuable shelter locations, and is critical should a tornado shelter exit be blocked by debris or structural damage caused by severe weather or other related incidents.

Shelter owners should also include out-of-town accountability contacts as part of your emergency plan. This provides an additional safeguard against being trapped in a shelter.

Always call 911 when someone needs help right away because on an injury or an immediate danger.

You only need to register your shelter once.

Register your shelter.

outdoor warning system

Outdoor Warning System

Fort Worth's outdoor warning system may be activated for any kind of emergency — not just severe weather. Learn more about the city's outdoor warning system.

CASA Weather Radrar

CASA Weather Radar

As part of their emergency preparedness plan, Fort Worth residents can receive the CASA weather radar images by downloading the free CASA Alerts app from the App Store.

Avoid Deny Defend

Terrorism/Shooting Awareness

What should you do if you end up on the site of a shooting? Check out this video from the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Program to learn the steps you should take to survive an active shooting event.


Flood Safety

Nearly half of all flash flood fatalities are vehicle related. Protect yourself.

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