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Education Programs for Children

Community Engagement offers education presentations to school groups by request. Presentations last about 30 minutes and are free of charge.

Schedule a presentation onlineOr call the Engagement Office.

Program List

Bike Safety — This interactive photo display and word matching game teaches bicycle safety rules. It’s adaptable to different grade levels, and covers helmets, hand signals, riding in traffic and other rules of the road.

Captain Crud and the Cruddies — This storm water education program teaches kindergarten through second-grade students about storm drains and water pollution as well as safety around household cleansers and other chemicals.

Career Days — Adaptable to different grade levels, this presentation features typical and not-so-typical career opportunities with the City of Fort Worth, including information provided by firefighters, crime lab technicians, animal caretakers and more. If you’re looking to invite actual firefighters, animal caretakers, etc. to your Career Day, contact those City departments directly.

Care For Cowtown Air — Younger students will learn that air is all around us, even though we can’t see it. All grade levels will be able to identify common activities that pollute our air, ways to protect their personal health and ways to prevent air pollution in our community.

Freddie the Fish — Freddie and his friend Daphne the Duck live in a polluted section of the Trinity River. This hands-on presentation lets children see how everyday activities contribute to pollution and identify ways to clean up Freddie and Daphne’s home.

Journey of a Water Drop — Spin your way through the water cycle while collecting beads for a bookmark/bracelet. This game reinforces water cycle vocabulary and science concepts. Best suited for third through fifth graders.

PAWS: Pets are Worth it! — Students learn how to take care of their pets, the City of Fort Worth laws that apply to pet owners and what to do if you are attacked by an aggressive dog.

Recycle Right — This hands-on lesson teaches children the importance of recycling by letting them participate in a sorting exercise that demonstrates how easy it is to recycle and reduce waste that goes to the landfill.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle — Now that you know what goes in the blue recycling cart, learn other ways to keep waste out of our landfill and save limited natural resources.

What’s Wrong with this Picture — This storm water education program teaches older students and adults about storm drains and how our everyday activities can contribute to water pollution. Plus, safety and proper disposal of household hazardous waste.


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