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Community Engagement Workshops:

Essential Principles of Neighborhood Leadership

  1. Can you hear me now? Tips on making a presentation to City Council, Board or Commission Presenting in front of a Board, Commission or City Council doesn’t have to be intimidating! This workshop will cover how to make your case with confidence, basic presentation tips and how to build a good presentation.
  2. Putting Collaborative Decision Making and Robert’s Rules of Order into Practice Are you sick of feeling lost in meetings? Not being able to participate? Meeting bullies who use Robert’s Rules asa weapon? This workshop will give you the tools to the most common elements of Robert’s Rules, including: Main Motions, Amendments, Amend the Amendment, Refer to a Committee, Postpone to a Certain Time, Voting Procedures and Debating Protocols. Learn additional tools for group and collaborative decision-making and digital decision tools.
  3. How Engaged Neighborhoods Can Guide the Future of Fort Worth Discover the FREE tools now available for all registered neighborhood neighborhoods to help support increased engagement and consistent communication with neighbors. Hear current updates on Census 2020, What Works Cities, the NEW Community Engagement Program and how your neighborhood can be chosen to host a Neighborhood Pride Tour during the Neighborhoods, USA 2021 Conference.
  4. Leadership Transitions: Tips for Incoming and Outgoing Neighborhood Leaders Learn how to manage expectations, define roles and responsibilities, foster communication, respect the past and build bridges for a successful transition in or out of neighborhood leadership.
  5. Minimizing Neighborhood Conflicts Conflict can be an opportunity for increased understanding and improved communication with relationships when handled properly. Discover the most common reasons behind community conflicts, how they can be prevented and simple tools to reduce conflict before it damages your organization.
  6. Hello, My Name is: A Networking Session for Neighborhood Leaders This session will give neighborhood leaders an opportunity to meet other leaders, share best practices and seek out expert advice from others who are dedicated to making a difference in their community.

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