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Mayor's Faith Leader Cabinet

Mission: The Mayor's Faith Leaders Cabinet is comprised of a diverse group of faith-based leaders who represent a sample of the religious communities within Fort Worth. The Mayor's Faith Cabinet was established as an initiative to span across religious and cultural lines, to share information and build partnerships to improve the welfare of Fort Worth.

Vision: A stronger, engaged and informed community that leverages the diversity of faiths to build on common community goals and interests.


  • Provide spiritual support and leadership to the Mayor
  • The cabinet will advise the mayor on critical issues pertaining to topics that directly involve their religious groups, faith-based organization or community-based organizations in Fort Worth
  • Serve as a liaison between their congregation and the Mayor's office
  • Provide information, news and updates to their religious and charitable group
  • Form recommendations on how the city can more effectively partner with faith-based organizations to help the wider community
  • Attend meetings (substitutes are requested when the representative is unable to attend)
  • Plan and support faith-based community event that supports faith communities and the mission of the cabinet

Cabinet Members

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