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Citizens Fire Academy

Get involved with the Fire Department on a more personal level by joining the Citizens Fire Academy.

Volunteer Application

Established in 1995, Citizens Fire Academy uses curriculum and teaching methods similar to the professional Fire Academy, but students will not be candidates for professional firefighting based upon participation. The class members tend to be a cross-section of the Fort Worth community: homemakers, professional business persons, retirees, and neighborhood watch members who are anxious to learn about the operation of their Fire Department.

Graduates will become more familiar with the day to day operation of the Fort Worth Fire Department. Additionally, graduates will be able to participate in certain future activities, such as Fourth of July operations and smoke alarm drives and community events.

The training program consists of both classroom and practical instruction. Participants will meet in three-hour sessions once a week, covering topics such as:

  • the firefighter selection process
  • fire safety education
  • fire communications
  • water rescue
  • fire prevention
  • code enforcement
  • fire investigation

Get information

For more information, contact the Public Education Section at 817-392-6862.