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Free Mulch

The Forestry Section strives to recycle all removed plant materials.

Partially composted mulch is available free of charge to Fort Worth residents. Mulch can be obtained from the parking lot at Rolling Hills Park – between the soccer fields and Rolling Hills Tree Farm at 2525 Joe B. Rushing Road – or at the Cahoba Drive compost pickup, located under the 820 overpass at Cahoba Drive.

For more information about the Compost Program, call the Trades Section at 817-871-6761.

Residents should bring sturdy bags or other containers, shovels and work gloves. Please remember to cover your load if using a pickup or trailer. Employees are not available to aid in bagging and loading of mulch.

Wood remnants

Forestry crews chip and remove debris when working at a job site. Occasionally, wood suitable for fireplace use is stacked by the tree stump or trunk. The adjoining property owner has first option to this wood, but it is available free for any resident to use.

Residents may also pick up firewood left in parks, but vehicles must remain on roadways during collection. Cutting of trees for firewood is prohibited on all park properties and city rights-of-way.


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