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Hazard Abatement

The Forestry Section will prune or remove city-owned trees that pose a high risk to people or property. Forestry may also prune privately-owned trees that could endanger the public; for example, a broken tree branch that blocks a city sidewalk.

To request tree work or report a tree hazard on city-owned property, call the Forestry Section at 817-392-5738.

For street tree emergencies on weekends, holidays and after 4 p.m. on weekdays, contact the Transportation & Public Works Department at 817-392-1234.

Due to limited resources, Forestry only responds to calls related to hazard abatement. The Forestry Section’s objective is to keep residents as safe as possible within available resources. Ranking requests for pruning is the best method to obtain that objective.

All Forestry work is inspected and prioritized in the following manner:

  • Priority 1: Immediate danger to life or property. Examples: Dead trees in poor condition; serious traffic hazards; broken limbs hanging over streets; splitting or partially fallen trees.
  • Priority 2: Hindrance or nuisance to traffic or right-of-way clearance, but not of immediate danger. Examples: Dead trees that are still solid; trimming of solid dead wood; low-hanging limbs; minor traffic hazards.
  • Priority 3: Routine maintenance that does not present a high risk. Examples: Minor trimming and low limbs that are not obstructing traffic; limbs encroaching from the shoulder.


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