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Locating Utility Lines

To locate phone, cable, gas, electric, water and sewer lines: Call 8-1-1

  • Call Texas811 (8-1-1), at least two working days before you plan to dig.
  • The operator will ask detailed questions about your project, including location, address, depth and width that you are digging, how long your dig will take and any other special instructions needed to make sure the correct area gets marked. If possible, be ready with the GPS coordinates or Mapsco number of your dig.
  • Be sure to receive a reference number as confirmation of the phone call.
  • Texas811 will then notify utility companies, who will come out and mark their underground lines.

To locate lines for city street lights and traffic signals: 817-392-1234

  • Call the City of Fort Worth Transportation & Public Works department, 817-392-1234, at least 3-5 working days before you plan to dig.
  • A Transportation & Public Works employee will then come out and mark their underground lines.


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