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Forest Park Boulevard

The city is considering traffic flow changes on Forest Park Boulevard in response to neighborhood concerns about speeding vehicles, crashes and pedestrian/bicycle safety.

The change, called a “Road Diet,” will reduce the current four-lane, undivided roadway into a three-lane – two through lanes and a center turn lane. The reduction also allows for the addition of dedicated bicycle lanes, which create a buffer between pedestrians and traffic in addition to improving safety for cyclists.

If approved, the traffic flow changes would be made on Forest Park between Park Hill and Rosedale.

About Road Diets

Road Diets mostly consist of restriping and is a method commonly used on roadways with less than 20,000 average daily traffic (Forest Park has 16,000 average daily traffic). The benefits of this restriping method include:

  • Reducing the number of lanes for pedestrians to cross
  • Improving safety for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Reducing rear-end and side-swipe crashes
  • Decreasing crash severity when crashes do occur
  • Improving speed limit compliance eliminating passing

Recent traffic studies show that traffic volumes on Forest Park are low enough to allow for effective traffic flow using this method.


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