What is H2Online?

H2Online is a convenient online service that allows customers to review and pay their Fort Worth utility bill. (Utility bill includes water, wastewater, environmental and storm water fees.) The service allows access to accounts and payment history. Using H2Online can save money by reducing postage costs and/or the need to write checks. In addition, customers can choose to receive e-mail notification each month that their bill is ready to view and opt not to receive a paper bill in the mail. Please allow two days (excluding holidays and weekends) for online payments to apply.

What information do I need to begin using H2Online?

To set up an online account, customers need three pieces of information that can be found on their monthly billing statement – the account number, cycle number and route number. (Note: Cycle and route numbers are a new addition to the bill. If your last bill does not have that information, you can call customer service to obtain it.)

The account number is found beneath the customer name in the upper left portion of the bill. The cycle and route information is in the Meter Information box above your service dates. (Note: Cycle and route numbers are a new addition to the bill. If your last bill does not have that information, you can call customer service to obtain it.)

If you do not have a copy of the bill, you can contact customer service at 817-392-4477 to obtain this information.

To make online payments, customers also will need a Visa or MasterCard debit/credit card, Discover or American Express card.

Is the dash required when I enter my account number to register or login?

Yes. Failure to enter the dash will result in an error message.

How can I confirm my online payment was received?

You will receive a reference number for your H20nline payment. Please print and retain this page for your records.

Additionally, if you click on the “Payment History “ link in the left navigation, it will show the payment as “Pending.”

Also, on the Wallet Maintenance Page, you have the option of selecting Notify me by e-mail when a transaction is posted.” Upon selecting and saving this option, you automatically are sent an e-mail confirmation of your payment.. To see this option, click “Payments and Wallet Maintenance” in the left navigation bar and then click on “Wallet Maintenance” on the next page.

Allow two days (excluding holidays and weekends) for online payments to apply to your account.

When will my payment be credited?

Payments will be posted and credited to your account within two business days of receipt (excluding holidays and weekends).

Are there requirements for the password?

Yes, password must be 6 to 10 characters in length and contain at least one upper case letter, one lowercase letter and one number.

Can I change my e-mail or password once enrolled?

Yes, this information can be changed at any time.

Customers that create a my H2Online Name need to remember there is a password and e-mail address associated with their MyH2Online name and a password and e-mail associated with each account linked to the myH2Online Name. It is possible to use the same password and e-mail for the myH2Online Name and each individual account linked to it. You cannot change the e-mail address associated with the myH2Online name, but you can change the password associated with it. If an account is enrolled in e-notification, the e-mail that a new bill is ready to view is sent to the e-mail address enetered on the “Manage e-Notification page.

Instructions for changing password

Instructions for changing e-mail address

I forgot my password, how can I find out what it is?

Go to the Logon Page. Click ”Forgot Password” in the left navigation bar. Complete the form, and click “Submit.” An e-mail containing your password is immediately sent to the e-mail address on file. Click here to view the instructions for retrieving your password.

Customers that create a myH2Online Name, will have a password for both the myH2Online Name as well as the individual account. You can use the same password for both, if you desire.

If you created a myH2Online Name, you will have a password associated with the name and then a password you associated with the specific account when you initially created your online account. You can change both or just one, but changing one does not change the other. If you have multiple accounts linked to your myH2Online Name, then each account will have its own password. You can select the same password for each account and the H2Online Name.

On the Wallet Maintenance page, what does the notification option do?

Upon selecting and saving the option “Notify me by e-mail on change” an e-mail is automatically sent to the e-mail address associated with the account when changes are made to the credit card information stored in the billfold.

In addition, upon selecting and saving the option "Notify me by e-mail when a transaction is posted” an e-mail will automatically be sent when a payment is applied to your account.

I have multiple accounts; can I view them all at a glance with a single login?

Yes, but before you can consolidate accounts, you must create an online account for each one individually. Once you have done that, you can login to one of the accounts using the account number and its password. Then create a user name for that account. You will have to store payment information for each account individually. You can use the same password for each account and for the myH2Online Name.

View steps for Consolidating Accounts

Can I get an email when a new bill is ready without paying via H2Online?

Yes. Customers can establish an online account just to review their account usage information. There are numerous ways to pay the bill, other than through H2Online.

Payment Options

What is eNotification?

With eNotification, customers receive an e-mail at the address provided advising them that a new bill is ready to be viewed and paid. Customers can then login to their h2Online account to see the details and pay it. Instructions for setting up e-Notification

Is my credit card information automatically stored when I make an online payment?

No, you must first save the information into your wallet. You can store information on multiple credit/debit cards. Each time during the payment process you will be asked which stored payment method you want to use.

Instructions for saving payment information

How do I access information stored in my wallet?

Once logged in, click on “Payments and Wallet Maintenance” in the left navigation bar, and then select Wallet Maintenance. You can add or delete payment methods at any time.

Can I stop receiving paper bills each month?

Yes. When you make this selection, you will receive a paper bill for the next two billing cycles to ensure the e-mail address you entered is correct and you are receiving the e-notification.

E-Notification Instructions

Do I need my account number to login to view my bill each month?

No. You only need it to initially set up your online account. Once you complete the registration process and your account has been enabled, you are able to create a myH2Online Name. Once you complete myH2Online Name process, you can use it and your password to login each time. The password you use with your myH2Online Name can be the same password you use for the individual account.

How can I make sure e-mail address the Water Department has on file is correct?

The water department encourages all customers to make sure e-mail addresses are correct and updated, especially if you have elected no longer receive a paper bill. There are two locations in the left navigation bar to update your e-mail address: one is under Manage eNotifications and the other under Update Personal Information. The e-mail address listed in both locations is not linked, so you need to make the changes in both places. The e-mail address listed on the e-notifications page is the one that recieves the notice that a new bill is ready to view. The e-mail address associated with the account login is required to use the “Forgot Password” function. For security reasons, customer service representative are not able to access either the account password nor the e-mail associated with the account login process. Customer service reps can view and modify the e-mail address associated with the e-Notification option.

Instructions for Changing E-mail Address

I no longer receive a paper bill, how can I access the information in the bill inserts?

Click “Bill Inserts” in the left navigation bar. You can view the information the information for the current month and s the previous two months. The links will take you to text pages that contain the same information in the bill insert, but it will not have the same visual presentation as the bill insert.

If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail, check your SPAM folder and make sure you set your account to accept e-mails from To confirm the e-mail address you entered is correct, go to the login page and enter your account number, including the dash, and the password you selected. Click “Submit.”

On the next screen, you can view the e-mail address you entered. If it is correct, click “Submit” to have another confirmation e-mail sent to you. If the e-mail address is incorrect, please contact customer service at 817-392-4477.

Why would I create a myH2Online Name if I already created an online account?

There are two reasons for creating a myH2Online Name.

First, creating a name allows you to use it to login rather than needing to know your account number each time. For ease of remembering, you can use the same password for the myH2Online Name as you used to register the individual account, but it can be a different password.

Secondly, customers that have more than one account, usually commercial customers, can establish a user name and then link all their accounts to that name. This allows viewing links to account one with a single login in. However, each account must be paid individually, have notification options selected individually and payment card information saved individually.

To access the secure site, your browser must be set to use TLS protocols.

Customers using Internet Explorer as their web browser can check their browser settings by following the steps below.

  1. Click Tools (at the top of this page)
  2. Click Internet Options
  3. Click the Advanced tab
  4. Scroll all the way to the bottom and check to be sure the SSL and TLS protocols are enabled under the security section.

Customers using Firefox as their web browser can check their browser settings by following the steps below.

Note – Any customer using Firefox 9, which is the most recent release, will see a yellow warning box on the login screen (see the screen-clip below) which letting the user know they do not appear to be using Internet Explorer 7/8, Firefox 3, Chrome 10+ or Safari 5. H2Online checks for Firefox 3, but Foxfire 9 users should not have any issue with the site.

Also, while it appears AOL no longer distributes an AOL browser, AOL does provided "optimized” versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox for its users. (More information can be found on the AOL Discover Page at Anyone using one of AOL’s “optimized” browsers needs to identify which browser it is and follow the appropriate directions listed above.

Is this site secure?

The payment service application behind the H2Online website has been validated as PA-DSS compliant by PCI Security Standards Council.