What is H2Online?

H2Online is a convenient online service that allows customers to review and pay their Fort Worth utility bill. (The utility bill includes water, wastewater, environmental and stormwater fees.) The service allows customers to make payments online and access their account information, usage history and payment history.

Using H2Online can save money by reducing postage costs and/or the need to write checks. In addition, customers can choose to receive email notification each month that their bill is ready to view and opt not to receive a paper bill in the mail. Please allow two days (excluding holidays and weekends) for online payments to apply.

What information do I need to begin using H2Online?

To set up an online account, customers need three pieces of information that can be found on their monthly billing statement or in the email notification – the account, cycle and route numbers. 

On paper bills, the account number is found beneath the customer name in the upper left portion of the bill. The cycle and route information is in the Meter Information box above your service dates.

Your account number has two parts separated by the dash. Enter the part before the dash in the first box and the part after the dash in the second box. You do not need to enter the zeros at the start of each part of that number.

If you do not have a copy of your bill, you can contact customer service at 817-392-4477 to obtain this information. To make online payments, customers may pay using their bank account (eCheck) or debit or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express).

Can I pay online without registering an H2Online account?

Yes. Just go to the H2Online site and select “One Time Payment” from the left navigation bar. You will need your account number and bank account or debit/credit card information to complete the steps. Your account number has two parts separated by the dash. Enter the part before the dash in the first box, and the part after the dash in the second box. You do not need to enter the zeros at the start of each part of that number.

How can I confirm my online payment was received?

You will receive a reference number for your H2Online payment. Please print and retain this page for your records. Additionally, if you click on the “Payment History” link in the left navigation, it will show the payment as “Pending.”

Allow two days (excluding holidays and weekends) for online payments to apply to your account.

When will my payment be credited?

Payments will be posted and credited to your account within two business days of receipt (excluding holidays and weekends).

Are there requirements for the password?

Yes, passwords must be at least six characters in length and contain at least one upper case letter, one lowercase letter and one number. Special symbols are not accepted.

Can I change my email or password once enrolled?

Yes, this information can be changed at any time by selecting “Edit My Profile/Wallet Maintenance” in the left navigation bar.

To change the email address linked to the account, click on the pencil at the end of that line. Two new boxes will appear below the existing email address. Type the new email address in the first box and type it again in the second box to confirm it. Scroll down and click “Update User” on the bottom right of the page for the changes to take effect.

To change your password, scroll done to those boxes and type and confirm your new password. Scroll down and click “Update User” on the bottom right of the page for the changes to take effect.

With the June 2016 system upgrade, accounts are linked to email addresses, which are now the H2Online Name required to login into accounts. A single email address can have multiple accounts linked to it, but multiple accounts that are not linked cannot use the same email address.

If a customer moves or changes addresses within Fort Worth, the H2Online account using that email address remains active, although the closed account will no longer appear. A customer can simply login using the established email and password, and add the new account.

I forgot my email address, how can I find out what it is?

With the June 2016 upgrade, email addresses are required to log into accounts. For security reasons, customer relations representatives cannot view email addresses associated with an account. If you have multiple email accounts, you need to take note which one you are using for H2Online.

I forgot my password, how can I find out what it is?

Go to the Login Page. Click “Reset Password” at the bottom of the page and follow the easy steps outlined. These steps are to enter the email address associated with the account and then to successfully answer all security questions you established for the account. At this point, you will be allowed to set a new password. Once that is done you will receive an email indicating the password was changed but the password will not be included in the email since emails are not secure correspondence.

I have multiple accounts. Can I view them all at a glance with a single login?

Yes. Pick one account and create an H2Online account. Once logged into the account, click “Select Account” in the left navigation bar. A list with your first account will appear. Now click “Add or Remove Accounts” from the left navigation bar and follow the steps. You will need the account, cycle and route number for each account you wish to add. This information is on the paper bill or the monthly email notification that your bill is available to view online.

Can I get an email when a new bill is ready without paying via H2Online?

Yes. Customers can establish an online account just to review their account usage, billing and payment information. There are numerous ways to pay the bill, other than through H2Online.

Payment Options

What is eNotification?

With eNotification, customers receive an email advising them that a new bill is ready to be viewed and paid. Customers can then login to their H2Online account to see the details and pay it. After logging into your H2Online account, select “Manage eNotification Go Paperless” from the left navigation bar.

Is my credit card or bank account information automatically stored when I make an online payment?

No, you must first save the information into your wallet. You can store information on multiple credit/debit cards or bank accounts. Each time during the payment process you will be asked which stored payment method you want to use.

How do I access information stored in my wallet?

Once logged in, click “Edit My Profile/Wallet Maintenance” in the left navigation bar, and then select “Wallet Maintenance” from the top right of the screen. You can add or delete payment methods at any time; however, if you use AutoPay and you have received a bill but it has not yet drafted, deselecting AutoPay will not occur until the next billing cycle. The scheduled draft will still occur on your due date.

##Can I stop receiving paper bills each month?

Yes. When you make this selection, you will receive a paper bill for the next two billing cycles to ensure the email address you entered is correct and you are receiving the e-notification.

Do I need my account number to login to view my bill each month?

No. You only need it to initially set up your online account. Once you complete the registration process and your account has been enabled, your email address and password are the only things needed to view your H2Online account.

How can I make sure email address the Water Department has on file is correct?

The water department encourages all customers to make sure email addresses are correct and updated, especially if you have elected to no longer receive a paper bill. There are two locations in the left navigation bar to update your email address: one is under “Manage eNotifications Go Paperless” and the other under “Edit My Profile/Wallet Maintenance”.

The email address listed in both locations is not linked, so you need to make the changes in both places. The email address listed on the e-notifications page is the one that receives the notice that a new bill is ready to view while the other is required to log into your account.

If you do not receive the confirmation email, check your SPAM folder and make sure you set your account to accept emails from no_reply_H2OnlineUtilityBilling@FortWorthTexas.gov.

For security reasons, customer relations representatives cannot access either the account password or the email associated with the account login process.