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Mobile Food Vendor

Though similar to restaurants, mobile food vendors must meet additional requirements to address potential hazards specific to mobile establishments.


Steps to Receive a Mobile Vendor Permit and Vendor Certificate of Occupancy

  1. Determine if the type of food being sold is considered non-potentially hazardous (non-perishable) or potentially hazardous (perishable). The Consumer Health Division will assist in that determination. 817-392-7255
  2. Check the zoning district where the food is to be sold to make sure the type of food can be sold
    • Non-potentially hazardous = “E” Neighborhood Commercial and higher commercial and industrial districts
    • Potentially hazardous = “FR” General Commercial and higher commercial and industrial districts Check on the city’s zoning map, call 817-392-8028 or email
  3. If the zoning district is correct, provide the proper documentation to the Health Dept. to receive your Mobile Vendor Permit.
  4. Come to City Hall and apply for your Vendor Certificate of Occupancy (VCO). A driver’s license and copy of the current registration for the vehicle is required. A copy of the menu is requested.

Mobile Vendor Brochure



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