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Neighborhood Empowerment Zones (NEZs)

Promote housing, economic development and quality services in Fort Worth central city.

Now there are more reasons than ever to build in Fort Worth’s central city, thanks to an incentives package recently approved by the city council for any NEZs designated in the city.

Municipal property tax abatements, fee waivers and release of city liens are available to property owners who build or rehabilitate property within a NEZ. These incentives are designed to promote affordable housing, economic development and expanded services.

Eligible Areas

The NEZ Program is available for all NEZs designated by the City Council. The criteria the City Council uses to designate a NEZ are:

Priority will be given to areas within or which include:

Basic Incentives

Following are basic incentives available for all NEZs. Download a copy of the NEZ Basic Incentives (Revised May 6, 2014) adopted by the City Council.

Municipal Property Tax Abatement The following properties may qualify for municipal property tax abatements:

Fee Waivers

The following fees are waived for qualified projects:

Release of City Liens

The following City liens may be released for qualified projects:

How to Apply?

Please visit the Planning & Development Department website for more information.


Sarah Odle
Administrative Assistant

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