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What to do when the new pup comes home


October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and Henry — Fort Worth’s “chief educator, cheerleader and promoter” of all shelter pets — would like to share a few tips for pet owners.

This week, he has five more tips to get ready for a new pup in your home.

  • Learn Some Handy Housetraining Tips
    If your new pooch is not yet housetrained, determine where his indoor “potty spot” will be. Figure out your plan to housetrain him, and coordinate with the entire household.
  • Consider a Crate
    Crates often give dogs a sense of security by offering them a place that is all their own. Providing your new pooch with her own safe and secure spot will help her adjust more quickly.
  • Make it Legal
    Find out about your community’s dog licensing rules and apply for a license. This information can usually be found by visiting your state’s department of agriculture website. You can also ask your local shelter for information about the rules.
  • Make a Vet Appointment
    If you don’t already have one, find a good veterinarian—and bring your new canine to a caring veterinarian for a wellness exam within one week after adoption. Make this first appointment even before you bring home your new pup.
  • Combat Sibling Rivalry
    This one’s for folks who already have a dog in the home. Before you introduce the new hound into the pack, pick up anything your resident dog might guard, such as food bowls, bones, toys and beds. Even if your dog has never exhibited possessive tendencies, it is best to exercise caution. This may be an intense experience for your resident canine, so do be patient with her.

Tips are provided courtesy of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (ASPCA).

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Henry is a former shelter pet who was found wandering the streets of Fort Worth. He was alone, hungry and extremely sick. Living on the streets nearly took its toll on the young dog. Today Henry is a healthy and happy dog who helps promote the message of responsible pet ownership on behalf of all animals.


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