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Physical Assessment Test

Each applicant must pass a physical ability assessment, as prescribed by the Fort Worth Fire Department and approved by the Fort Worth Civil Service Commission, demonstrating the applicant is physically capable of performing the essential job functions for the position of firefighter.

The assessment includes a 1.5-mile run that must be completed in 13 minutes 57 seconds. Those who successfully complete the run will be asked to return at a later date to perform the following six events:

  • Humat and Boot Bag Carry - A 34-pound humat valve attached to 100 feet of 4-inch hose and a 30-pound boot bag are picked up and carried 100 feet.
  • Fan Carry - A 69-pound electric power blower is lifted and carried a distance of 100 feet.
  • Ladder Extension - The fly section of a 35-foot, vertically fixed extension ladder is extended to its upper position.
  • Hose Load Carry / Stair Climb - Carrying a 44-pound high rise pack, the candidate ascends and descends a five story (41 vertical feet) drill tower.
  • Hose Advance - An "S"-laid, charged 1 3/4-inch attack line is pulled forward a distance of 100 feet.
  • Victim Rescue - A 175-pound rescue mannequin, in supine position is lifted and dragged 75 feet by walking backwards.

Events are performed in succession, and the maximum time allowed to complete all events is 5 minutes 30 seconds. The assessment is pass/fail.

For more information, visit the Fire Recruitment page.

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