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Police Officer Trainee Information


To be selected for a Police Academy Training Class, applicants must successfully pass a written test, a physical assessment test, a polygraph examination, an interview board, a medical examination, a psychological examination and an extensive background check.

Salary & Benefits

  • $3,337 monthly (while in Police Academy Training)
  • $4,526 monthly ($54,312 annually upon graduation)

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High school diploma (or GED Certificate and 12 semester hours of college with a C average)


If employed as a Fort Worth Police Officer you must live within 30 minutes of a designated report-in station; must be accomplished within six months of employment.


Must be a U.S. citizen at time of application (must be able to read and write the English language).


Must be between 21 and 44 years of age by the date of your assigned Entry-Level Test/Civil Service Examination.


Must present a valid and current driver's license and possess an acceptable driving record.


Must have received an honorable discharge to qualify for veteran points on a passing score of 79 or more.

Application Instructions

  • During advertised recruitments, the “Police Trainee” will be available on the city's careers site. Résumés will not be accepted
  • Click on the position to start your application, click “Degree Information,“ and complete all fields. Click save, and this will confirm your education information in the system.
  • Next, answer all questions on the application questionnaire. Open-ended section questions require a response or “N/A”.
  • Select “Continue” once all questions have been answered and all information has been entered.
  • Complete the Self-Identification Details section and click submit.

Download a study guide to prepare for the Civil Service Exam, and learn more about the Physical Ability Test requirements.

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Future Recruitment

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Trainee Eligibility

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Contact Information:

Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex
505 W. Felix St.
Fort Worth, TX 76115

Fort Worth Human Resources Department
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